About Us


Our Approach

All products are 100% hand-made in the Texas Hill Country with high-quality, raw, natural, and organic ingredients you can pronounce.

We specialize in small-batch goat milk soaps, body, and home products.

Our products DO NOT CONTAIN: artificial colorants,  detergents, gluten, fragrances,  phthalates, parabens,  petroleum,  or SLS.

My Story

Creativity is genetic. I am a 4th generation  hand-crafted small business owner creating products with heart and soul.  I was raised by a tribe of three-generations that gave me grit, taught me the value of  hard-work, family, and encouraged me to express my creativity  and entrepreneurial spirit freely.  I graduated with honors from Texas State University with a BA in Management and have been a licensed Cosmetology Operator since 2004.


I live "West of Weird" (Dripping Springs)  in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the Pedernales River. Necessity is the mother of invention.   In an attempt to live a healthy, conscious, and sustainable life, I found it very difficult to find quality products with real, non-toxic ingredients. My love for cooking, mixed with my passion to create,  led me to begin making my own products with safe, quality ingredients for my friends and family.


I realize that many people do not have the opportunity, resources, or desire to pursue such an endeavor, so I hope to share my homegrown products with you and yours! Enjoy!

Meet the Team



Brittany Nolen

Founder, Queen Milkmaid


Cookie Doe

Queen Milkmaker,  Nigerian Dwarf



Sous-Milkmaker, Nigerian Dwarf